Extra Life: Saving Lives Through Gaming

Extra Life is a charity event that enables gamers to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of their choice. But it wasn’t always. Extra Life started out as a way to help a little girl named Victoria through her fight against cancer.

The Sarcastic Gamer Community wanted to keep her spirits up during her hospital stay(s) so they made a call to action for video game donations. They didn’t expect the outcome they received. There were so many donations that Victoria started sharing the games with other kids in the hospital.

Sadly, Victoria lost her battle with cancer in January of 2008. So the members of the Sarcastic Gamer Community began a 24 hour marathon to raise money for Tori’s hospital. The idea grew from there and went on to include anyone and everyone who wanted to do the same for their local Children’s Network hospital, be it online or off. You can see more of Victoria’s story here.

Extra Life

I have decided that this year, I am going to be putting my gaming addiction to good use and join up with Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network charity drive, and raise money to help kids in need. The money we raise during the event will go to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a place I’ve spent some time at with my own child.

I’ve already chosen my game. I’ll be playing Destiny, a new MMO from Bungie (the creator’s of HALO) during the event. Since I can stream from my PS4, I will have a live stream available on Twitch if you’d like to see what I am up to or wanna check out the game for yourself. It also offers the ability to chat with me if you want. I could always use the company to help me stay awake. ^^; Maybe I’ll swallow my pride and get a PS Camera.

I’ll have more info in the months leading up to Extra Life, but I wanted to get the word out now because it’s an amazing charity and I think it’s the perfect opportunity to put my gaming hobby to good use.

How can you help?

If you would like to get updates about how you can support me and C.H.O.P., subscribe to my blog or Facebook page. I’ll be talking to about this event regularly up until the big night.

Let’s make a difference people!!