Mori Girl: Amanda

I… have a somewhat unconventional hobby. Doll collecting. But I’m not collecting those creepy porcelain (f**king spirit/demon vessel) things. I hate those. You have no idea. No. I’m talking Korean made ball jointed resin dolls.

For those who were here and saw my posts before the reboot of this blog know who lives with me. But for those who did not, I have five resin girls sharing my pajama drawer. Don’t ask me why they’re in there. That’s where they decided to start hanging out. It had nothing to do with me.

But I have one little one in particular who is my forest baby. Also known as my Mori Girl. Her name is Amanda, and she is the shyest of them all (more so than Sybil, the youngest, but that’s another post).

Mori Girl
Mori Girl

She came home last year and only recently have we discovered who she is personality-wise. The other girls are really fond of Amanda, and I think Kloey has taken an extra liking to her. They spend a lot of time together. ^^

When I’m feeling girly we go on walks together and I’ll bring my camera. I took her with me to the Cherry Blossom festival this year in Philadelphia. A lot of people there were impressed with her and wanted to find out more about her. Had people running up to me and everything. It was pretty awesome. I’d like to take her to Longwood Gardens this summer if possible. I think getting photos of her with the flowers would be a great experience and would give me some cool photos to post on my blog and Flickr.

You may think that’s all a little weird and I’ve about gone mental (you may be right but I’m not entirely sure yet… more tests are needed) but each of my girls has their own personality. They also have little attitudes (days like that make taking photos of any one of them impossible). But I love them all the same.

I love her though. There was a time when she almost went to a new home because, being from a different company, I wasn’t entirely sure about her and how I felt about her. We weren’t bonding. But she stuck around a while longer and we finally hit it off and we found who she was supposed to be. She is Amanda, my little Mori Girl. ♥

* Amanda is a Fairyland MNF Chloe.

Realising my Destiny

If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you know that I have been active in Bungie‘s testing of Destiny recently. I have to say that I am really enjoying the game. And weirdly enough, even though it’s not my thing, the PvP aspect as well.

Destiny Awoken Warlock

With the beta open to anyone who pre-ordered the game (I got my hands on the Limited Edition!) I have been constantly playing my Warlock, an Awoken female (above) who I seriously think looks like Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect series. Well, my Shepard anyway. ^^;

The beta ends tomorrow, then the month long wait begins for September 9th to arrive which includes the time I have to wait on that day to go pick up my copy. T^T But I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll even get to play at all. My son has gotten his hands on my PS4 and has been playing the beta. And he’s pretty damn good! I think I might end up having to get a second system just so I can get some time with the game as well…

I’ve also been preparing for Extra Life in October. I’ll be having a giveaway during my 24 hour live stream to raise money for The Children’s Miracle Network. Be sure to stop by if you’d like to enter and maybe donate to the cause!

Now back to my regularly scheduled gaming! Until next time~