Gamer Girl

I’m now running my own live stream on Twitch. I go live three times a week, mostly with FFXIV, but I try to throw in my other PS4 games.

I have been looking into getting a capture card so I can start streaming from my PS3 as well, but with the good ones being so expensive, it probably won’t happen for a while. And I don’t think my computer can stream as I have had some issues with trying.

I’m not too worried about that right now though. At the moment I’m looking more at getting the views and followers to make partner. ^^ I have a long way to go though, but I’m getting there. I think what I mostly need at the moment is a webcam or PSCamera. Kinda leaning more toward the PSCamera.

I’ll eventually get there. But I’d like to invite you to drop in on the stream. Just see the tweet below. Also, don’t forget, on Oct. 25th I’m having a charity fundraiser and there will be a giveaway! ^^ Be sure to stop by the stream for that as well~

DIY: Getting Sewing Savvy

It’s no secret that I have five very demanding dollies living in my pajama drawer. My newest came home earlier this year and doesn’t have a damn thing to wear, and I can’t really (read: absolutely can not afford to) buy anything for her to begin with.

So I have come with the idea of making her some dresses myself. Now, I tried this before with Kloey. It did not go well and lots of frustration, grumpiness and tears ensued. But she needs clothes.


Ever since Sloane stole her only t-shirt, she’s been running around butt nekkid (and she’s honestly enjoying it). But it’s starting to get to me and I’m in the mood to start selling things which never goes the way I plan.

I’ve been going through the Hot Topic website lately (I love shopping there) and she’s digging the dresses they have. I would like to make her something similar. I figure it fits her style seeing as she is a rocker chick with her own band. ^^ And it also might be semi-simple for me to figure out and eventually improve upon. Who knows, I might have my own Etsy shop one day!

All I need to do is work my way around this pattern thing and get the hang of sewing by hand since my machine likes to give me fits. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t exactly know how to use it in the first place. ^^;

I’ll get there though!