3DS Review: Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the AbyssI wouldn’t call myself a big gamer, but I do enjoy the time I have with my PS3 and farting around in World of Warcraft on my computer pretty much every day. And I seriously miss being able to play any of the Final Fantasy series on my PS2 (it’s kinda old and feeble and can’t even spin a disk anymore).

But I got myself a brand new pink 3DS for Christmas this past year and I absolutely love it. It’s so much better than my DS Lite (also pink). For one the screens are bigger, it’s 3D (which isn’t really true it’s more like a hologram with depth) but the kicker is it can play 3DS and non-3DS games! I absolutely love backwards compatibility~

So with all this awesomeness happening, I went out and bought a few games for it. I’m an RPG fan and when I saw Tales of the Abyss sitting on the shelf, it was a must have! I’ve played the Tales games before and loved them, so there was no doubt about this one. All mine!!

Now this game is actually a port to the 3DS from the PS2 (interesting) which means that I basically played only the important parts of the game and possibly missed all the juicy bits in between. It’s all good though. It was a hell of a lot easier to get through on the DS than it would have been on the console, especially with no codes (’cause I’m a cheater like that).

For being on a smaller pocket console the graphics in the game were amazing. One would expect something like that to diminish with a port to that size, but they kept the quality. It wasn’t crystal clear but I thought it was good enough. And the cut scenes were stunning as well. It was like you were actually watching an anime. So cool~ I also liked the fact that I didn’t really have to sit there and read anything. Most of time the characters actually spoke, so I could watch what was going on instead of missing out due to scrolling text.

Tales of the Abyss

The story though, to be honest, could have used a little more info. That’s probably just me, but I felt there were too many secrets and riddles to figure out and one or two things didn’t really get explained (or maybe I wasn’t paying attention…). I’ll use Jade for example. He was full of “hmm” and “ahh” and “I wonder” and “I’ll explain when I’m absolutely sure”. But why? It never told you. Which probably means even he never figured it out… Seriously? Kinda lame if you ask me. But if I’m missing something, please, tell me!!

One of the major things I love about the Tales games that I’ve played (Abyss & Graces) is the free roam/attack battle system, something no other game I’ve played has actually accomplished. Damn slacker developers…

Tales of the Abyss

This system allows you to move freely around the battle field and attack your target(s) as you wish. You can get behind them to cast your spells, knock them down to interrupt theirs. It made the final boss battle a lot easier. You don’t have to sit there and wait your turn while you take damage and waste your items trying to keep your party alive. You can avoid attacks as well as block incoming damage. So I hereby demand the Final Fantasy series adopt this system because it would make our gaming lives so much easier!

So to end, I can’t really say anything bad about this game. Some hardcore gamer’s might find something to bitch about (as usual) but I really enjoyed playing it. I don’t think I’ll be picking it up again any time soon due to the fact that it was a long game and the second time around it makes you play on a harder level unless you start a brand new game. Yes, it has many play-through’s. I recommend it highly to any RPG fan if you haven’t played it yet.

Disclaimer: I did not review this for anyone, I am simply sharing my opinion on something I bought and paid for myself because I really wanted to play it~


  1. says

    This is amazing that you have passion for the games! And find tie to play them!
    Kudos for you.
    I find it very fascinating to play a game and follow all updates, too!
    Having no time for doing so, I just fool around every now and then with my toddler’s games and enjoy doing so. Games could be so educational and provide a lot of new information on many subjects.
    Kudos to you for keeping up with the Game World!

  2. sandra tyler says

    Gosh i got our boys the 3DS when they were 7 and 8 and they’re already gathering dust, in favor of the ipad and the never tiresome Minecraft. Kills me! Even when I take them to Game Stop that can’t find a single game they’re interested in!

    • Jenny says

      Oh I know. I bought a 3DS for my son earlier this year (I think? Might have been last year? xD ) and he got LEGO CITY for it. He has played the crap out of that game, and when I bought him MARIO CART he played it for like five minutes and went back to the LEGO game. Hasn’t picked up MARIO since… :/ Waste of 30$…

  3. says

    It’s been so long that I played any game, since my gameboy was dead I wasn’t even playing mario. This game sounds fantastic and I love how you review it :)

  4. Marika says

    I’m a big online gamer, but only play on PC. I wish I had a PS3, but I opted instead for an iPad for Christmas.

  5. says

    My son would love this game. Although he is a little miffed that our cat got in his room and chewed his 3DS charger in half so he can’t play right now.

  6. says

    Very interesting. I am not really into play games unless its for my preschool grandchildren. I do know my sons are into all these games and they would be interested.

  7. says

    My 8 year old got 3DS for Christmas as well but he’s not into these kind of games otherwise I would have picked it up. I’m not a handheld gamer either. Sounds like you really enjoyed it though. These reviews are usually the best, the ones where you bought it with your own money :)

  8. says

    I love handheld game systems. I don’t have the new DS but I did have the old one and I used the heck out of it. My son is a gamer and would really like this game I will have to share this with him.