The drug Intoxic is a reliable solution against parasites and worms!

Intoxic purifies the body d to parasites and worms in a course.

Attention! Parasites! They are sources of infectious and cancer diseases. They affect your liver, lungs, brain and heart.

They can grow up to 40 cm and lay 250 eggs in 1 time

Checked for signs of infection!

How do parasites enter the body?

A product certified and recommended by practitioners to free themselves from parasites at home.

It can be administered by children. It consists exclusively of healing plants collected in ecological places.

It has no side effects (unlike chemical tablets that cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, endanger biochemical parameters of the liver.

A completely natural and safe product, and therefore, can be purchased without prescription.

Bear bile

gently removes parasite eggs


destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria

Juice of fruit juice Summing

decompose and gently corrupt parasite eggs

Summary of 20 auxiliary components

recovers the protection of internal organs

Debora, Naples

In 2011, I was faced with a problem of the Opistorchiasi. At that time my condition was critical. It all began with the fact that I had a constant discomfort. After the investigation they told me to do the pest tests. They found the eggs of Opisthorchis. They treated me in an infectious hospital with chemical drugs. A year later the pests have returned. I appeal to popular remedies. The most effective and result is the Intoxic. After 2.5 years I feel very good! Have gone away allergy, fiatone, weakness, weakness, dizziness, pain to the upper right quadrant, tongue and become of normal color, intestine began to work as a watch!

Isabel, Milan

In the Internet I have carefully studied the composition of Intoxic, I have read the comments. Of course I had some fears: whether it helps me or not, but after telephoning the consultants, I decided to try. I have followed the recommendations very rigorously. At the end of the course everything changed. I was in good mood, work performance was improved. When I got the results, I jumped with joy! No parasite was no longer there. I imagine they could grow up to 40 cm in my intestine! Thank you, you have healed me!

Beatriz, Rome

VI VERY RINGRACE for such a wonderful product! Our son was often ill, the dermatitis was the simplest thing! The constipation, then diarrhea, no appetite, pale, with a constant snot and belly pain. We have done everything! The decision has already been taken to switch to ‘adult’ medicines. Less bad than coming to visit our aunt from the province, he saw him and immediately determined better than a doctor who happens to the child! That's what it means to experience life! He recommended Intoxic. Lord God! A month later the child could not be recognized. A healthy, strong and active creature! And, above all, the desire to study has come about! Now I'm careful that no parasites would not ruin our lives!

Giovanni Sanzioni. Medical toxicologist of higher category, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Diseases caused by parasites due to their frequency are in second place after colds. Now there are many means against parasites, but one of the first and Intoxic, in ten years has proven itself as a reliable tool with the fastest result. I prescribe Intoxic to my patients for the treatment and prevention of parasitic infections.

Excellent skin, hair and nail conditions. The youngest aspect. Allergy has gone away!

The normal evening digestión sera. El sueño profundo y se cansara menos en el trabaja. ¡Usted tendon tiempo para todo!

Pest pests have disappeared from your life forever, and with them also diseases! You and your family - you are in good health!

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